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  • It began in mystery, and it will end in mystery, but what a savage and beautiful country lies in between.

    ~Diane Ackerman

Why do I write and read poetry?

Poetry is meat and meet. Sustenance and connection. Poetry has the power to illuminate the human condition. To bond crafted words and considered ideas, and, most?importantly perhaps, create relationships between people. This is my pain, this is my beauty – I share it with you, and I connect with you through your pain, your beauty. Poetry is wings. It takes us from one place to another. It takes us to places we might?not normally go. Poetry helps us feel less alone.

Welcome to a place where you can read good poetry, find new book recommendations, and learn more about how to write your pain, write your beauty.

Most musings?will fall into the following three categories:

  • Treasures – poems, usually from whatever poetry collection I’m currently reading, or perhaps just some wonder that I’ve stumbled over and want to share.
  • Bindings – fuel for writing or reading poetry, short explorations of a poetic technique, or commentary on a poetics book, or a link to some information that will enrich the writing and reading of poetry.
  • The Journey – musings on the writing life, including how writing good poetry might be a lot like living a good life. (Your definition of “good” as welcome as my own.)

Ursula Le Guin and Eagles

| |

I begin to think the eagles in the tree outside my window are channeling Ursula Le Guin. When I read her essays in Words Are My Matter, the eagles trumpet from their perches... READ MORE

On a different day

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“We live in a strange time, so the question at the heart of the matter is pretty simple. Do we respond to fear with exclusion and negative projection and violence? Or do we... READ MORE

One wild and precious life

| |

Yesterday, the news that Mary Oliver had died rippled outward on social media. My Facebook timeline was filled with Oliver’s poetry, with her beautiful, unadorned face. Like others, I noticed that many of... READ MORE

Some winter solace

| |

It’s quite cold in Alaska right now. The kind of blue cracking cold that is beautiful but stinging. The kind of cold that makes iron of snow and ice beneath all. And yet,... READ MORE